I was born in Taranto, Italy, growing up with spaghetti western and the old 50’s films and graduated in “TV and Film editing” at Video Symphony, Los Angeles.
I worked and collaborated as Colorist for “Abstract Groove”, a creative company specialized in video production and postproduction in Milan for six years, for “Pixion”, Mumbai, one of the oldest and most significant post studios in India for one year and for MagicLab, Prague, for two years.
Currently I work as DI Specialist Colorist freelance worldwide, based in Milan.



Born in North Italy, I fell in love with cinema early on. In my childhood, I developed a fascination for the power of pictures – a passion for the visual medium which grew steadily but surely – one that eventually brought me to complete my studies in filmmaking and photography. I began my career as assistant colorist in 2007 on a telecine at Lumiq Studios (Turin) and spent the next 10 years working in Europe and Asia. I’ve worked as in-house colorist at Rumblefish (Milan) and Prime Focus (Mumbai). I’ve also freelanced in Italy, Nepal and India. Currently, I am a Baselight and Resolve artist that freelance internationally, pushing the bar on boldness for commercials as well as long formats. When I am not in DI studio, I work on self-intimated photography assignments which help me comprehend our beautiful and chaotic world.



I was born in Rome where I grew up hating football and loving cinema. During high school I developed a strong interest in filmmaking and photography. My career as a colorist began in 2005 and after a long collaboration with DAP ITALY (actually FABULA PICTURES) I consolidated my position as a freelance, which gave me the opportunity to work with a significant number of directors and DoPs (from Italy and abroad) for TV products, movies, video clips and commercials.
In 2015 I started a continuative and valuable partnership with the largest post-production company in Italy, EDI – Effetti Digitali Italiani, in Milan, as Senior Colorist, lasted over 5 years.
I currently work as freelance DI Colorist, I am based in Milan.
I am a Blackmagic Certified Trainer and I teach at CESMA, in Lugano (Switzerland)
I do love colours.



Since I was a child I enjoyed the world of photography and as a teenager from time to time I worked as a still photographer. In 2016 I had my first experience with video editing, while I worked as a storyboard creator for commercials in Mercurio GP. In the same period I started my studies in Civica Scuola del cinema Luchino Visconti.
In 2018 I graduated and joined EDI, one of the most famous postproduction companies in Italy.
There I’ve been working as assistant colorist, digital lab and vfx editor for cinema and international commercials, where I had the opportunity to cooperate and focus on high-level and complex workflows projects.
In 2020 I decided to start a career as a freelance colorist.
Occasionally I also worked as DIT and as lab tutor teacher in CFP Bauer and in Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia.



Born in Sicily, he has coloured movies and commercials around the globe, from Bollywood to Hollywood, with a special focus on Middle East. He likes to bring experience from different countries and mix it into each grade. Now based in Bologna



Born in Milan, I’ve always been in love with fine arts.
After studying philosophy, I studied at Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti, where I became passionate about the world of documentary film.
I’ve worked as a video editor for a few years and in 2018 I discovered Color Grading, in which I can mix together my love for Cinema and my passion for colors.
I had the pleasure of working at Proxima Milano, a post-production company in Milan, which allowed me to grow up first as an assistant colorist and then eventually as a colorist.
Now I work as Freelance Junior Digital Colorist.